We are Bombay Advertising.

A highly successful marketing firm with offices in Argentina and Mexico City and now serving clients in the US at our Miami office.

So why should you care? We have an interesting story to tell and a way of working that is new, inspiring and effective. It all started with our name which is both a place and more importantly a person.

His name was Sidi Mubarak Bombay.

And he was taken as a young boy from his home in North Africa and sold into the slave trade.
His owner’s surname was Mubarak and he was taken to Bombay, India where he was given his new full name. Over the years he learned several languages and dialects, and became a trusted confidant, scout and guide to many famous explorers throughout Africa.

He devoted his life’s work to helping expeditions find their way and avoid the pitfalls of new worlds and lands they encountered, serving them in many useful and inventive ways.

This is the Bombay Advertising way.

We see ourselves as trusted guides to our clients, helping them navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital and traditional marketing that is often uncharted. Our founders work on all accounts, our experience is deep and broad having worked for some of the biggest agencies and brands in Latin America.

We are seeking new relationships with US brands that require expert multi-cultural support for their growing audiences. We use data, smart analytics and sharp media insights to reach your prospects. And we then combine that intelligence with breakthrough creative for measurable results across all channels.